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Run my first photo booth event

Run my first photo booth event

Get up and running with Flassh.

Step 1: Sign up for your free account

  1. Make your free Flassh account here
  2. Set your public gallery sub-domain (

Step 2: Create your event

  1. Click Events
  2. Click Create Event
  3. Add your event details
  4. Click Create Test Event

Step 3: Add a Graphic Overlay

  1. Click Overlays
  2. Click Upload Overlay
  3. Once your Overlay is uploaded, go to your Event and assign the Overlay to it. This will add your Overlay to your event photos.

Sweet – you just made your first Test Event! Way to go! 🎉

Step 4: Test your event

Your test events are totally free to try to make sure you're confident running your photo booth.

  1. Open Flassh Connect
  2. Connect your camera to your computer using a USB cable
  3. You'll see your camera is connected and you're good to go!
  4. Open Flassh
  5. Sign into your Flassh account
  6. You'll see your test event, tap Run
  7. Tap Continue Testing
  8. Capture up to 25 test photos for free

Internet requirement

Flassh is a live, online, instant-sharing platform. To run events effectively, an Internet connection is required. Some features may work without an Internet connection, but most of our applications operate under the assumption that a stable connection is available.

If a WiFi or wired Internet connection is not available at your event’s location, we recommend using a personal hotspot from your phone or tablet.

Exit Full Screen Mode

Once you’re running an event, the tablet goes into full-screen mode and there is no obvious way to exit (this is by design).

Each of the four corners of the screen accept a single-finger long-press gesture that will allow you to exit the event and return to your event management screen.

Step 5: Share your photos

  • See and download your photos from your online photo gallery.
  • Use the Flassh iPad or iPhone app to see, share, and download your event photos. Create a photo sharing kiosk to let your guests send their favorite photos instantly.

Step 6: Make your event live

Now that you've tested everything and you're ready to party – pay for your Event Credit on the Billing page.

  1. From the Flassh app, tap Run
  2. Tap Convert to Live to use your pre-paid event credit
  3. Take unlimited photos during the next 24 hours

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