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per event

Unlimited Photos

Take unlimited photos during your live event

Online Photo Gallery

Get your photos instantly on your phone or computer

Download Photo Archive

Download all your photos to save forever

Sync with Dropbox

Automatically add photos to your Dropbox



per month

Unlimited Events

Run as many events on as many devices as you want

Host Photos on Your Domain


Capture Audience Emails

Download guest email addresses to grow your brand

Unlimited Devices

Run as many events on as many devices as you want

Free with all accounts

Unlimited Test Events

Test everything for free so you know how everything works

Take 25 Photos Per Test Event

Take test photos for free to make sure your photos are looking great

Upload & Customize Graphic Overlays

Customize your photos with graphic overlays for event branding

Photo Sharing Kiosk iOS App

Share photos and make fun GIFs from the Flassh iOS app


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Frequently asked questions

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Can I use Flassh for free?

Your Flassh account is free to create unlimited test events. You can take up to 25 photos for free in each test event, to make sure you're happy with everything before you pay.

How is the Free plan different from the Per Event and Unlimited plans?

– Free test events can have up to 25 photos.
– Take unlimited photos during a 24 hour period for $29/event.
– Run unlimited events with unlimited photos for $99/month. The unlimited plan includes access to guest email addresses, sharing statistics, and ability to host your event galleries on your own domain.

What's the difference between a Test Event and Live Event?

– Test events are free and can have up to 25 photos taken.
– Live events cost $29 and let you take unlimited photos during a 24 hour period.

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