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6,000+ events captured

Tired of spending hours setting up your events using your current photo booth software?

Old photo booth software is hard to use

Takes days to learn

You need a technical background

Training your photo booth attendants complicated software takes forever

Stop using multiple tools to do what one should do

Disconnected tools for taking photos, sharing them, and hosting online photo galleries

You'll spend days learning how to use other photo booth software

Imagine what you could be doing instead of learning clunky old software. Take control of your time.

Flassh is everything you need in one app

Easy to use professional photo booth app to run a stress free photo booth business.

Photo Booth Capture

Remember your event with professional photos captured with your DSLR camera

Use your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera

Use any Windows 10 tablet, laptop, or desktop

Set up events from any device

Camera + Tablet + Flassh = Easy Photo Booth

Instant Photo Sharing

Create a photo sharing kiosk with the Flassh iOS app

Share photos instantly from Flassh for iOS

Email your favorite photos

Make fun animated GIFs & videos

Online Photo Galleries

Guests can see and download their event photos instantly

See your photos on your phone or computer instantly

Download all your photos

Photo booth owners love how much time Flassh saves time

Online photo galleries

Photo sharing kiosk app

Setup events online in seconds

Instant access to all events

Flassh is all you need – in one simple tool.

Three tools in one. No more wasted time.


6,000+ events captured

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