Get perfect photo booth photos with three settings

Make everyone look amazing with these camera settings.




Recommended Aperture

If you want 2-3 guests in close up photos, set your aperture to f/4 to give your photos a blurred background.

If you want 4–8 guests in  wide photos, set your aperture to f/8 to make sure that everyone is in focus.




Recommended Shutter

Depending on the type of flash that you're using, you'll need to adjust your shutter speed to match.

Most flashes require a shutter speed between 1⁄160–1⁄200.




Recommended ISO

The lower your ISO, the better quality your photos. You want to keep your ISO as low as you can for best quality photos.

ISO 400 is perfect for most events.

We’ve found that to best way to run a photo booth is to use a flash. With a flash, you can achieve a more consistent image during the day or night.

This method will also give you more consistent color and look whether inside or outside, day or night.

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