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Printing photos via AirPrint

Printing photos via AirPrint

Printing on iOS is supported via AirPrint, allowing iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users to print wirelessly to any AirPrint-enabled printer that is connected to the same local wireless network.

Anyone who can view the photos in an event can print photos individually. To print a photo, open the relevant event and tap on the desired photo to bring it up in zoomed mode. Then tap the “Print Photo” button in the bottom bar and follow the steps to select your AirPrint printer and submit the print job.

In kiosk mode, printing is disabled by default. You can configure kiosk settings to pre-select a printer to use for the kiosk mode and enable printing if you’d like. If your event has a watermark applied, you can also enable or disable including the watermark in kiosk prints.

Learn more about printing in kiosk mode.

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