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Managing your event credits

Managing your event credits

Add and manage your event credits.

On the Billing tab in your account, you can always see your current event credit balance. If you have one or more credits, you’ll be able to convert events to live.

If you have zero credits, you’ll only be able to create test events.

Note: Credits must be pre-paid. You cannot convert an event to live without any credits in your account.

We highly recommend configuring billing and adding one or more credits to your account before you head out to your event.

Buy event credits

You can purchase as many credits as you need from the Billing tab in your account.

Before you can add credits, you must add a credit card to your account. Once you have a credit card on file, tap the “Add Credits” button.

If you haven't added your payment information yet, you'll be prompt to add it now.

You are prompted to enter the number of credits you would like to buy. Enter a number and tap the “Buy Now” button to continue, you’ll be prompted once more to confirm your purchase.

If your card is charged successfully, event credits are added to your account immediately.

Note: Event credit purchases are non-refundable.

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