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Manage Your Events

Manage Your Events

Each collection of photos is stored in an event and each event has a number of settings that make it unique and customizable.

You can manage events in each of our apps – from the Events tab on the web, from Flassh Booth, and from iOS.

This section of the docs applies to event management from the web.

Create a new event

Events can be created from the events tab in your account on the web, from the iOS app, and from Flassh Booth.

Although you’re able to create an event from all platforms, not all settings are available on all platforms.

Event settings

Name (required)

Give your event a short, friendly name that is recognizable and searchable by your guests.

Date (required)

Specify the date that your event is running. Our applications will default to the current date.

Password (optional)

If you want to add a layer of security to your photos, specify a password that guests need to know in order to access event photos. This password requirement is enforced for guests browsing from the iOS app or web gallery.

Hide gallery (optional)

If you want to run an event that is not searchable nor viewable publicly, enable the hidden gallery option. Only devices signed into your account can see the event.

You can still setup a kiosk and people using the kiosk can still share photos (via email) to themselves, but cannot pull up the event on their own device or browser.

Editing preset (optional)

By default, we do not apply any editing to the captured photos. They look exactly as they do straight out of the camera.

We provide editing presets you can choose to match the style of your event.

All editing presets are completely non-destructive to your images. We retain the original image and generate additional file versions with the preset applied.

Want to change or remove the preset later? No problem!


This is the default. Photos are kept as-is straight out of the camera. No enhancements are made.


Slightly increased contrast.

Enhanced (Black & White)

Same as Enhanced, but bring saturation to zero.


Trim blacks and whites on the tone curve, add some monochromatic noise, increase brightness, decrease saturation and hue.

Film (Black & White)

Same as Film, but bring saturation to zero.

Overlay (optional)

Before you can apply a watermark to an event, you need to upload one to your account.

From the event add/edit screen in the Style section, tap the Overlay field to load a list of available overlays. Tap the overlay you want to apply (it will show marked as checked), tap the back button to return to the event add/edit screen and tap the “Save” button.

Prompt Screen Text

By default, the phrase shown to people using the booth is “Touch Screen To Begin”.

You can customize this with any text in any language on a per-event basis.

Keep it short though so it fits on the screen!

Photos per session (default: 3)

By default, the booth will countdown and capture 3 times per session.

You can change this setting to any number between 1 and 10.

Seconds to count down (default: 3)

By default, the booth will count down from 3 before capturing each photo in a session.

You can change this setting to any number between 1 and 10.

Seconds to show preview (default: 3)

By default, the booth will show a horizontally inverted preview (mirror image) of the just-taken photo on screen for 3 seconds so people can see what they looked like and adjust ahead of the next photo.

You can change this setting to any number between 1 and 10.

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