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Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlays

Customize your photos with graphic overlays. Perfect for adding a company logo or event specific graphic.

Overlay requirements

  • Maximum file size of 2MB
  • Full size overlay dimensions are 6,000 pixels wide by 4,000 pixels tall

Best practices

There are no limitations on how you can design your overlays. Be careful though, you don’t want to cover people’s faces!

It’s best to stick to the bottom left and right edges. If your overlay is small enough, you can get by putting them in the top left/right as well, but the top of people’s heads may get covered.

Upload your overlay

Head to the Overlays tab and either drag and drop your overlay file or tap the “+ Add New” button and browse to the properly-sized PNG file on your computer.

If you see a preview of your watermark, you’re all set. If you receive an error message, check your file format (PNG) and ensure your image is less than 2MB.

Preview your overlay

On the Overlays tab there are options for previewing your watermark on 3 different background types to help you visualize how it will look for your event.

Tap the “Dark” button (default) to see what the mark will look like on an event with a dark background, “Light” to see it on a bright, nearly-white background, and “Color” to see it on a vibrant, busy, colored background.

Editing your overlay

On the Overlays tab, choose the overlay you’d like to edit.

  • You can adjust the overlay size (image scale from 1-100%)
  • Alignment your overlay to any corner of your photo
  • Adjust the offset (horizontal and vertical distance from the aligned corner or edge)
  • Change the opacity to make your overlay semi-transparent

Adjust the values to your liking. Changes will preview immediately as you adjust the values, but won’t be saved until you click the Save button.

Add your overlay to your event photos

  • From the Events tab, choose the event that you’d like to customize (or create a new event).
  • Down near the bottom of your event settings, there’s a “Choose an Overlay” button that will present all the available overlays.
  • Select the overlay you’d like and save your event.

How do I delete an Overlay?

  • From the Overlays tab, click the overlay you would like to delete.
  • At the bottom left of the watermark edit screen, click the delete button.

Note: Any events already using that overlay will no longer have the overlay applied if you delete it.

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