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Connection troubleshooting

Connection troubleshooting

Ensure you’re using a supported camera

We support a variety of Canon and Nikon DSLRs connected over USB.

If you’re using a USB adapter, make sure it’s an OTG adapter

If your tablet doesn’t have a full-size USB port, you’re probably using an adapter to convert the full-size USB connector to a mini, micro, or USB-C connector.

Ensure you’re using an On-The-Go (OTG) cable/adapter, as this type of adapter ensures the signal is properly converted.

Adapters that are not explicitly labeled as OTG may not work.

Here’s an example adapter cable that is known to work well

Disable auto-play

Windows has a built-in feature that is often configured to auto-open its Photos (or another) application. This hijacks Flassh’s ability to control the camera when it is connected.

The easiest approach is to disable auto-play entirely, which you can see how to do here.

Disable WiFi on WiFi-enabled cameras

The WiFi setting on cameras that have WiFi capability (such as the Canon 80D) must be disabled.

Canon disables USB functionality entirely when WiFi is enabled on the camera. WiFi can be disabled from the camera’s on-screen menu.

Once WiFi is disabled, connect the camera to the tablet via USB and it should be detected.

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